Unit 3

Unit 3 Chapter 9: Origins of Rhythm

The origins of rhythm, the earliest known musical instrument, understanding the beat and pulse in music, and a discussion of the concept of barlines and measures.


Unit 3 Chapter 10: Performance Indicators

Learn about the various performance indicators employed in a musical work and how to interpret them in music.

Unit 3 Chapter 11: Counting Rhythms

Learn how to count any rhythm you see. A discussion of how to count music, including the whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, and faster note values.

Unit 3 Chapter 12: Common Time Signatures

Learn about the role of time signatures in reading, analyzing and composing music. Time signatures are used to determine how a piece should be performed and indicate how note values should be interpreted.

Unit 3 Chapter 13: Classifying Time Signatures

Listen to a discussion on how to classify time signatures into simple, compound, and complex time. Additionally, learn how to classify meter and discover whether 3/8 time is a simple or compound time signature.

Unit 3 Chapter 14: Tempo

The tempo of a composition dictates the speed that a piece is performed. Composers have a few options at their disposal for indicating the tempo of a piece. Learn how to avoid making critical mistakes when selecting tempo markings for a musical composition.


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