Unit 1

Unit 1: Website Overview

Explanation of how to use the website and the various components.

Unit 1: Ear Training Guide

Demonstration of the ear training drills and tips to develop the ear. Grading policies only apply to students enrolled in a course at UNLV. Other institutions may employ different grading procedures.

Unit 1: Workbook: Creating a Practice Routine

Overview of essential workbook components and how to create a practice routine that takes only 30-60 minutes per day.


Overview of important terms required for the course: Aural, Notes, Pitch, Harmonic, Melodic, Interval, Chords, Notation, Dictation, Transcribe, and Scales.

Unit 1 Chapter 1: Types of Musicians

Learn about the various types of musicians and their responsibilities.

Unit 1 Chapter 2: The Piano Keyboard

Learn to identify the notes of the piano keyboard. Play a major and minor scale by the end of the lecture.